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Write What You Drive

A showcase of independent motoring journalism and automotive travails

About is a showcase of independent motoring journalism, where anybody is free to submit an article for exhibition.

I am, at best, an amateur journalist. I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and work in the motor industry. I have also read about, owned and lusted after a lot of cars - so as well as a profession it is a passion and I like to think I know at least a little about what I'm writing, both as an enthusiast and engineer. After years of reading other peoples' automotive opinions and observations - I decided it might be worth a go myself.

I am a professional and as such will not be writing about my job - the same should go for all other articles showcased here. If you're looking for somewhere dirt is dished or axes are ground, then look elsewhere.

A lot of my fellow Automotive Engineers have aspirations to be motoring journalists, which gave me the idea for a website where anybody, moderation pending, can try their hand.

This is not a forum or community where anybody can post an ill-conceived 2 word response to an opinion or point made in an article - it is a place for considered and balanced pieces of journalism. That's not to say that some healthy debate isn't encouraged - if an existing article stirs a response in you, please voice it, but if you can't craft that response into something cohesive, then this isn't the place for it.

So take a look around at what I and others have been writing about, and if that enthuses you - head over to the submissions page and send an article of your own.